Enabling magstripe via API

Is it possible? My phone is completely broken and it turned out my transactions were declined because they used magstripe (I’m in Honduras at the moment)

Can I ask Customer Services to do it for me, or can I do it via API?

You can ask the customer support team to do it but I don’t know whether that’s possible using the API.

Customer suppprt can do it no problem. I was stuck in India with terrible network issues. Managed to get hold of customer support, told them the issue, and they turned my magstripe on for the remainder of my time there. Saved me the hassle of trying to do it manually every 24 hours


Does help@monzo.com work during the weekend?

It certainly does! We offer support at all times, though we’re a little understaffed at weekends right now so wait times are much longer than we’d like them to be. :sweat_smile:

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