Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) - UK Capital Gains tax?


I’ve woogled a bit but can’t seem to find anything definitive, often advice says seek financial advisor etc

I’ve got some shares from an ESPP that have increased in value since I bought them (must be about 10 years plus ago)

If I were to sell all the shares do I have to calculate how much the gain is and work out how much I owe HMRC ? (Taking into account the Capital Gains tax allowance?) Can I just ask HMRC ? Or should I find a financial advisor?


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Yes. For the best results given your personal financial circumstances - a reputable Financial Advisor can help.

While this is a very knowledgeable forum, we’re (mostly) all just users - so most advice given here may not meet your best expectations or best interests at a personal financial level.


Not only that, it is actually (AIUI) illegal to give financial advice without being qualified. The following therefore, is not financial advice, but a link to a part of the UK government website that may contain relevant resources that you can have to a look to see if they help you with making your own decision:

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