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Some of us invited a hell of a lot of people already

(Grant MacGregor) #1259

When you say “invite”, does that offer mean just sending invitations to 15 friends, or do they actively need to use the app also?

(Edoardo Moreni) #1260

It counts if people connect a bank. :slight_smile:

Regarding the pricing, I have little to say cause we are just getting started with this. However there are some people, also in this forum, who have connected 18 banks and that costs us way more than Emma Pro (per month). :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of those who have invited loads, we keep track of everything. There are a few people (heroes) who have invited more than 50 people and we are open to give them months to play around and give us feedback on this. We are also going to add Split of Transactions probably in February-March in Emma Pro.

Emma Free is free to stay and will still count for 99% of the product. We haven’t finished building this and will never do. Our main focus is on this.

In January, we plan to ship more notifications, reports, Emma Rewards, upload of receipts, better analytics, goals and more for the rest of the year; so as always, we are just getting started.

(Matt) #1261

Personally I think you’re missing the point here, firstly I understand the need to be cashflow positive and quite a bit of time and money has gone into Emma but you can’t blame your users for connecting 18 banks and saying that costs you more than an Emma pro subscription. If you have issues with a user connecting X banks then don’t allow them or limit them.

My initial opinion on seeing the prices of Emma Pro is that’s much more than I would be expecting and it seem’s some other people have the same opinion on the forum and on the slack group for monzo. I think you should heed the advice of these people and consider charging a more reasonable price? e.g ( are you rather sell 10,000 and £2 each or 500 at £5 each?)

Also just to dig in again I’m assuming you’re the CEO or found of the founders of Emma and I can tell you’re passionate about the product and i feel bad saying this but you as a PR person for Emma doesn’t do it the justice I think it deserves. Consider some training in this area or hiring someone to take the reins when it comes to public relations. This would help you so much in my opinion.

(Grant MacGregor) #1262

It does come across a ‘one-man-band’ operation (in terms of PR). Does Emma have dedicated marketing personnel?

(Matt) #1263

I think that really helps my point… It feels like Edoardo is the only person who deals with PR and I think feedback has been given many times and unfortunately due to his position in the company he can take it personal and get defensive about the product which I understand from his point of view but it doesn’t help his cause.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1264

I just take my time to come here to either provide some support or have fun. The reason why I post is because I like it and I don’t need someone else to come here to post on my behalf. :blush:

Regarding what @m8tt mentioned, the only think I’d like to add is we have no problem with the 18 bank connections. I think the current record is around 60-70 accounts, counting crypto too; which is great. :smile:

(Matt) #1265

It’s good to see that everything i just said went right over your head :confused:

(Edoardo Moreni) #1266

I got back to you on your first paragraph. We’ll see how the second and third will play out.

Regarding the cashflow positive bit, we are not even trying to be and I don’t expect it for another 5-10 years.


Is this something to be worried about with Emma’s use of Facebook?

(Only available in amateur ) #1268

The Facebook thing had been discussed a few times on on thread already


Yep, wasn’t clear of this was a new issue. Seems some of those apps weren’t aware of what they were sending Facebook.

I don’t trust Facebook at all so want to make sure apps that are sending data to them are doing the necessary checks on my behalf.

(Morty) #1270

Yeah, I’ve mentioned the Facebook thing before - I’m not massively comfortable with it, but went with Emma on the basis that Yolt hadn’t been updated for quite a while and I found the way that Emma grouped my information to be more suitable for me.

I’e been waiting for Manual Accounts for the last couple of months, so it’s frustrating that they’ll be put behind a subscription, which will probably lead me to re-evaluate privacy concerns. I agree with what’s been said before - the pricing is too high for me given the alternatives, the fact that I’m handing data over to Facebook and that Emma doesn’t integrate with a few of my financial institutions.

A few other apps (like OneDoc and Moneyhub) have been able to integrate with them, so I’m assuming (based on what Edoardo mentioned above) that the other institutions aren’t a priority at the moment.

It’s a shame and pretty frustrating given that that I’d just started to get comfortable with Emma. Honestly, I’d love to see Monzo fill in some of this void so that I have everything in one app - an integration with AMEX and some additional categories would be a great start!

(Grant MacGregor) #1271

It may be an idea to bring our questions together for @edo1493 to answer in a collective post?

Q1: When is Emma Pro finally going to be released?

(Edoardo Moreni) #1272

No, it has nothing to do with us.


11:30, 13:20, 17:20 are good points to watch even if you are not technical.

A main point is that unless explicitly disabled by developers then any app using the Facebook SDK can be sending usage statistics to facebook even if you have not authenticated with FB.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1274

I hope end of the week or early next. iOS is ready to be released, we are just finishing some bits on Android.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1275

Facebook just verifies your number, we don’t share anything.


It feels like this could be moved into a non-Emma specific thread, but for now here. Would be interesting to run Emma via a proxy and see if this happens.

Facebook knowing which apps you use, how long you use them for, gives them the ability to profile you in great detail, without specific information being send by each app developers beyond app start, close, etc.


Every company has to take one approach or another and accept compromises initially to make major progress on core features.

We may want ‘better’ PR, but I can see why it may not be a top priority for Emma right now. The constant flow of new features and enhancements clearly shows the focus right now.