Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A


Probably going over old ground but any plans to intergrate Freetrade into Emma?

(Morty) #1279

Do you mean my phone number?

Out of curiosity, is this why these apps are being built on FB? Why do you need to verify my phone number? I assumed that’s what the text messages I got when signing up were designed to do.


(Morty) #1280

Just seen your mention of the Slack channel.

Is that the Devs Slack channel? Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything!

(Grant MacGregor) #1282

Would love to get involved as well!

(Matt) #1283


(Grant MacGregor) #1284

Any new banks scheduled to be added?


Referral links will now abound, so here’s one to get the party started…



although it’s a shame the advocacy of some of us on here has not been recognised

(Jack Stride) #1287

Had anyone else seen the Emma Pro email or ads? If Monzo are soon to offer all of this for free as part of the current account then this could be huge mistake on their part. Monzo could get all Emma’s ‘Pro’ customers :joy:
Their referral offer is good though with the ability to get it for free for life for referring 15 friends.
What do you think of this?

(https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8) #1288

Let’s do this

(Andy) #1289

Use Emma Pro free for a month


I think a trial month for existing users would have been nice, if only to “try before you buy”, particularly for the longer subscription options…

I suppose the thinking is that you can subscribe to a month, then move to annual.

(Emma Barrow) #1291

I installed Emma in Jan 18, at the time got stuck with something (can’t remember what) and uninstalled it. Just got it back today, within 7 minutes I was back in, and had 5 of my regular providers (Monzo, FD, Virgin, Santander and PayPal) all added and synced up. It’s come on leaps and bounds in the year since I last used it - good job Edoardo and team!

(Grant MacGregor) #1292

For those using Pro - what are your initial thoughts?


I have added a couple of manual accounts, one for Marcus, one for NS&I so my savings are now correct.

Turned on the cool pro icon (of course!)

Not created any categories yet - still pondering which ones I want.

I exported my data which is cool, way easier than trying to get it from each bank.

So far I like it, just need a few more people to use my referral so I can get it free for life!

(Jonathon) #1294

Keep getting an error when I tried to use your link…

Here’s my link:


Something funny going on with discourse i think

The link is https://emma-app.com/invite/11E6FC

(Grant MacGregor) #1296

Are you sick and tired of tracking your monthly income/expenditure? Have you ever wondered if your bank has charged you a fee for using their services?

#Emma, a new financial management app, will give you the opportunity to alleviate those woes (and much more).

Sign up using the link below and let me know your thoughts! #FinTech #Finance

(Jonathon) #1297

So I really like some of the updates on the Emma Pro - it’s fast becoming my financial hub. Few thoughts:

  1. On dummy accounts, the ability to add credit cards that you don’t currently support. At least then the balance I can manually update - this will then go into the “Debt” part on the homescreen
  2. Ability to add dummy accounts with a negative balance (like if you’re in an overdraft)
  3. A dummy account for other debts - loans, store credit etc… that way (though manual), I can at least have an overall “Debt” figure
  4. The ability to split transactions - now I can create a “Coffee” category and a “Lunch” category, it would be great if I could say “99p from Pret was coffee and £3.49 was lunch” in one transaction
  5. Ability to add transactions for the dummy accounts manually


Is it me or has Emma just started combining current account and savings balances?

I don’t like it, I used the current account balance to monitor my working cash, now it gets buried in the savings balance and I don’t know how close to zero I am.