Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A

(Edoardo Moreni) #1238

We have ours.


Yes! I can see it in the feed. I thought it would be in the account :slight_smile:


OK - so how do I remove an account from Emma? I can see the ability to “hide”, but that’s different from deleting.



Go into More tab than on top tap the settings cog, in settings Bank Logins. Here you can swipe left to delete.


Aha! Thank you.

(Grant MacGregor) #1243

Has anyone tried switching phones (with same number)? Will I still have access to my Emma account?


I just did it. It was pretty easy, quick and seamless.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1245

Nothing is stored on the phone…

(Grant MacGregor) #1246

Emma beta app keeps on crashing on iPhone XR - can’t reach out since app won’t open.

Version 1.6.3 (2.1)

(Edoardo Moreni) #1247

Are you sure you are not offline?


Interesting update on Emma Pro. To save anyone else having to zoom into the picture, the offer is:

  • custom categories
  • export data
  • rename transactions
  • manual accounts
  • legendary Emma Pro icon

Another tweet outlines the pricing:

  • £4.49/month for a month
  • £3.99/month for a six month term
  • £3.49/month for a year.

The only thing I really want from this list is manual accounts. I know that revenue (and hopefully some profit) is important, but this doesn’t really work for me in terms of value. I don’t think I’d pay more than, say, £1/month for this feature set. And even then I think I’d think twice.

Difficult to monetise the fintech lark, isn’t it?

(Grant MacGregor) #1249

Definetly online. App opens onto purple screen then immediately closes.

Operating on iOS 12.1.3


100% with you on this - Despite using EMMA from the beginning, I’m still with my trusty Google Sheets document that I go back to on a weekly basis (due to the manual accounts aspect).

I’d have to wholly trust EMMA to manage my finances if I were to drop any fee what so ever on it, but I’m certainly priced out at those prices (appreciate it is targeted at people who are semi or full time users of EMMA, and not myself, who is very much a part time user).

I just can’t let go of this spreadsheet :joy:

Maybe it’s a New Years resolution…

(Edoardo Moreni) #1251

Try to uninstall and reinstall.

(Grant MacGregor) #1252

Already tried (twice).

(Edoardo Moreni) #1253

so if you uninstall, you can’t open the app after installing it again?

(Grant MacGregor) #1254

It works for a short period of time then eventually does not open.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1255

Maybe your phone memory? This doesn’t sound like an app-related issue.

(https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8) #1256

Prices seem quite high to me. I don’t think enough value is being added to warrant those costs.
I generally like the app and understand the need to be cashflow positive but these aren’t reasonable prices in my view.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1257

You can invite people and get everything for free, if you don’t want to pay. :wink: