eConsultancy Article regarding Tesco Bank attack and how it impacts Monzo and the like

Wow… Just wow. Not great advice.

I randomly generated mine with a tool and then wrote it on the inside of the document holder that has your membership ID. I guess I can’t comment on the security when I wrote mine down. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, not the best advice!! It’s the holy grail though from what I read, a safe and simple to remember log in. Everyone these days has about 5-10 passwords (or significantly more, especially if you add work log ins etc. My work log in changes every 45 days, so on top of other security I have an awful job trying to remember which is which!

Any thing Monzo can do to make it simple and secure I’ll be happy with.

I agree, Monzo are doing a great job. Metro for one current account when I joined required me to remember a 12 digit membership ID, a 8 digit password, a set of security questions, a memorable word and the password that I wanted for my account.

Way too much to information to remember for a new current account.