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Please tell me Monzo has plans to include Ebills that works. My current bank offers ebills so I can receive and pay my bills through my bank account. But it never works. Being able to reliably consolidate the receipt of and payment of my bills from my banking app would be life changing!!!

As in (consults with Professor Google) this sort of thing?

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How is it meant to work?

Here in the UK I can log in to, say, my electricity supplier, see the bill and use my debit or credit card to make a one off payment

Alternatively I can set up a regular payment, via the electricity supplier, from my bank (Direct Debits)

How does the bank play a role in the US?

ebills allow you to receive your bills, say from a credit card to your bank account. That way when you login to pay bills the electronic bill is available under the payee. That way you can see the bill, know how much you have to pay and send the payment. Saves you from having to visit payee’s websites

Oh, so like a Direct Debit but with an extra step? Can eBills be automated? I’m gonna have too look nto them! :smile:

How is it set up originally? Do you pass your bank details (whatever the equivalent of sort code and account number is) to the supplier?

Here is a basic video showing a banks tutorial for setting up ebills in bill pay.


Thanks for the video

Experiencing a mixture of fascination and horror

Hard to believe that Monzo could not improve on that


It’s like they turned a paper bill into an electronic/digital one but forgot to make use of the benefits that digitalising the process offers. :exploding_head:


In the US most bills are paid via push rather than a direct debit pull, this allows the payor to decide when to pay the payee.

Bills are usually due 30 days from receipt.

That website looks like something from 2001. And let’s not get into the actual process, which looks… awful.

Edit: 2001 the year, not 2001 the movie. I think HAL was more advanced than that…


Thank you for adding clarity to how bills are commonly paid in the US. I was at a loss to explain how electronic bill pay worked lol.

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While I can’t say exactly when we’re looking to offer BillPay it’s definitely on our radar, hopefully in the near term.

It was interesting to learn about electronic BillPay which is available for a number of larger merchants, but then it blew my mind a bit that there is a physical BillPay service where your bank will mail a physical check (née cheque) to the merchant!

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How closely are you all working with your Las Vegas team to understand the needs of American account holders? Do they have access to US accounts?

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Yup, our Vegas team were our first US account holders outside of the handful of people in the UK building the product. They’ve had access to the account for more than a month now and have been using this for their day to day spend. We’re keeping very close to them as we will all our first customers so we can learn as much as possible about the needs of American account holders :+1: We’ve also got a user researcher out in LA as we speak for the first launch events


Please get them to

Please get them to work with LACMTA to enable contactless payments. They are using Cubic Systems so it should be possible.

This could be a good selling point!