Anyone else use them :eyes: I used to years ago but then stopped eating yoghurt for a while. I’m back to eating yoghurt again, so thought time to get back to ‘making’ my own.

So quick and simple to use, water at right temperature and powder mixed together, then sealed into the maker with boiling water poured in. Wait overnight, take it out the maker, place into fridge to set. :raised_hands:

The flavour range has greatly expanded since the last time I used them too. I really want to try them all :sweat_smile: other than plain :melting_face:

I had one 6 month flex interest free to use, so thought I might as well use it on that.


Is it cheaper than Skyr that I eat? my guess is maybe in the long run

We used to use this product, but I have forgotten why we stopped. Laziness I suppose. R-


So the Greek style yogurts are £3.40 per packet, I think you can get them a bit cheaper on subscription, that makes 1 litre in total. Supermarket will more than likely win on price due to mass production bringing prices down.


I must admit that I have all the gear to make EasiYo yoghurt but I lapsed for a while. I really enjoy the plant based ones, and mix 1 tropical with 1 plain to make a very tasty yoghurt.

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