E-Mail Confidentiality Notices

Bit of a random one really but I was thinking do those ‘Important Confidentiality Notice’ things at the bottom of E-Mails actually carry any weight especially in a court of law?

Has anyone actually be prosecuted for forwarding on an E-Mail sent in error?

Nope, they’re utterly pointless, only used to look official. Companies I’ve worked for recently either don’t have them, or are dropping them when they introduce new branding into their signatures.


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No. They’re meaningless butt covering. To the people or companies who would use such disclaimers on email, I’d ask: if you really are that worried, why are you using insecure email in the first place?

I’m not worried, I just wondered if they actually carry any weight.

In this case I meant that as a rhetorical question towards the sort of people who use such notices, you actually you. Apologies for the lack of clarity. I’ll go back and edit my original reply slightly.