Duplicate payments for MiPermit

I’m not sure if this is a Monzo issue, or a MiPermit issue, or a Bath council issue, but I’m finding that almost every time I pay to park in Bath with the MiPermit app, the payment shows up in my Monzo account once on the actual day, then again 2 days later.

If I tap the ‘Something wrong? Tell us’ link on the payments, the first one says “This payment has gone through, but the merchant hasn’t collected the money yet”, and the second one says “The merchant has already collected the money”.

Every time I then have to message support to get one of them refunded, even if I wait more than 8 days.

Does anyone else see the same issue?

It will auto revert after 30 days , but it’s an issue on the merchants end.

This ^

I believe @Rika has explained previously somewhere that it depends on the type of authorisation how long it takes to drop off. If it takes more than 8 days, it will likely take 30 days (Like Amazon card checks do).

I have only setup MiPermit with Monzo and not actually used it yet. I may use it on Friday so I’ll let you know how I get on :slightly_smiling_face:

I did wonder if I just needed to wait longer, but I currently have two payments still showing in my account, with “the merchant hasn’t collected the money yet”, and matching (incorrect) duplicates two days later, dated 8th (& 10th) May, and 28th (& 29th) June, both for £5.50, and with no refund from the merchant for that value any time since those dates.

Oh, that shouldn’t be happening.
Ask monzo to reverse them.

But I would also send an email to the merchant if it happens again.

They’ve reversed a couple for me, which was what prompted me to look back through my account to see how many I’ve missed, hence spotting those older two.

I’m not really sure that emailing the merchant would have any effect, as the Monzo transaction shows that the money wasn’t claimed by the merchant. I guess that does mean it’s a Monzo bug (although I hadn’t recognised that when I created this topic).

I’ll keep trying with support (although they’re yet to reply to my chat message from yesterday evening :frowning: ), and see where I get.

Would still be interesting to hear if others see the same thing.

I personally reckon it’s the merchant holding the money for some reason,
But let us know what monzo say on why it’s been holding for so long.

I gave up waiting for a response to my chat message, and phoned the call centre. The agent happily refunded the money, and agreed with you that the issue is probably at the merchant rather than Monzo, although they agreed that it’s strange that the transaction shows the merchant having not taken the money. The agent promised to raise it with the relevant internal team who can then speak to the merchant if necessary.

From what I’ve learn d here I’d guess the merchant is claiming the money through a new transaction rather than an update to the original one which is what they ought to be doing.

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Yeah, that does seem to be the case, but then I’d expect Monzo to auto-refund the original payment, when the merchant doesn’t claim the money after 8 (or 30) days. Frustrating to have to ask for it every time.


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