Drivvo integration/Travel expense apps

I use an app called drivvo to track all the expenses for my car. It can be a bit of a time consuming process when I manually enter all the data, particularly for fuelling my car.

It requires me to enter the cost per l, the total amount/litres, the fuelling station (can link to gps but not entirely reliable, fuel type etc.

It would be great if (eventually) monzo could work with retailers to pull the information for an electronic receipt into the monzo app and then allow the API to export that data into apps like drivvo.

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or in Transport coded entries in the app have fields for entering mileage and litres and if you can then do a report on Transport only items it will include this ?? ?

For iOS users, I highly recommend the Road Trip app from www.darrensoft.ca

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I think Monzo’s strength is the ability to integrate with other apps, rather than replace them. The API will allow you to manage your financial data in a way that is simply impossible with a traditional bank.

IMO Monzo should concentrate on the banking side of things, and let others deal with the data. If it tries to do too much then it’ll become an unwieldy behemoth and lose it’s perfect simplicity.

Thanks but I wasn’t looking for app suggestions. I’m happy with the app I’ve got, I just think it’s an area Monzo where Monzo could develop their API and e-receipt data to help improve the user experience (in whichever app you choose to use)

The one I mentioned does GPS reliably. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I still wasn’t looking for app suggestions - what I was referring to was Monzo’s ability to use the merchant information, rather than relying on GPS information which requires an accurate database of fueling stations. This is far more reliable and accurate than GPS because it’s relies on e-receipt data.

A combination of Flux (Flux: The End of Paper Receipts & Loyalty Cards), a driving travel app and Monzo would automate everything and take any inaccuracies out of the process. This is what I was suggesting.