Drilling down or new category type

Hi is it possible to drill down within a category or to be able to create more new xategories ? E.g. For eating out to drill down into coffee or bar or fast food. And for groceries to be convenience or Tesco or Waitrose?
And new categories that each user can create within general category. Just so for the user it is more meaningful to track their spend. A lot of people use this card to break bad spending habits and it might be more powerful if they can tailor or drill down categories for their spending they’re trying to improve.


Not yet. But the sneak peek that Hugo shared recently of the changes to the Spending Breakdown tab showed that this functionality is on the way :heart_eyes:

Click the :arrow_down_small: in the top right hand corner of the quote, to view the post’s images.

What we don’t know yet is whether this will be an option for all categories or just Expenses (& probably Holidays), which probably have the most obvious use cases for that functionality..

There’s more updates on the way in this area too, watch this space :eyes:


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