Don't change predicted direct debit date when it falls on the weekend

If I have a direct debit each month and one month the usual date falls on the weekend or bank holiday, the direct debit is taken on the next working day. This messes up the summary as the predicted date is now changed to the date it was taken this month and can push it to the next summary period next month so isn’t predicted correctly. IT would be great if the predicted date didn’t change in these cases or at least allow manual alteration of the predicted date.


Maybe a similar option to how we choose when salary is paid in if falls on a weekend IE working day before, direct debits we can set to fall working day after? :pray:t3:

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Perhaps you can see if you can move the direct debit date for the time being?

Its not currently possible to change the repeating date, only the frequency that it repeats. The problem I have is if I have a direct debit that comes out on the 25th of each month and that falls on a Sunday, its taken on the 26th instead. But now Monzo thinks that the direct debit comes out on the 26th of every month. I get paid on the 26th so payments that come out on the 25th are normally part of the previous months summary but by now being predicted to come out on the 26th they’re not showing in Summary for this month.

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Surely next month it’ll revert?

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It will but means I have to remember to leave the money in my account as Summary will tell me I have more available than I actually have


Ah yes I see your point.

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