Does Monzo offer a joint account?

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Thanks for sharing the trello link! I’ve added my vote and followed.

Got to say that like many others on here, the lack of a joint account is the main reason why I can’t fully switch my main current account to Monzo. I love all the features, but that is a deal breaker for us.

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It’s clearly all been said, but just to add my voice:
Joint accounts are an essential part of the way my wife and I manage money.

I’ve voted and followed on Trello!


This is the only thing holding me and wife back from closing down long-standing account with another bank and going all-in with Monzo.

I upvoted on Trello.

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+1 here too!

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Same here!

Why are pots such an important feature, but shared accounts lower on the priority list? Seems you’d get lots of people to switch if they didn’t have to handle the logistical headache of 2 accounts that’s preventing them from switching to Monzo.

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The only thing stopping me closing my Nationwide joint account is for £13 per month we get both of our phones insured, travel insurance and breakdown cover.

I just transfer what I need for rent and bills from Monzo.

Monzo Plus - Small Scale Trial
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I’m also banking with Nationwide, just don’t use phone or travel insurance. Haven’t spent enough on phone damage in the last few years to justify the cost, and I tend to think of travel insurance as a bad investment as well (only specific problems covered). Have these been worthwhile for you?

(Tom ) #290

Yes - very much so. I’ve had an iPhone replaced that I accidentally damaged, and had my sister’s car fixed on a motorway (I rarely drive but it also covers you as a passenger). Added to the £3k hospital bill covered entirely (from a nasty episode in Cambodia that I won’t go in to) it’s more than been worth it.


I, on the other hand, think of it as an absolute necessity. It can absolutely ruin you, if you have an accident, or severe sickness while abroad, without insurance. Maybe less so if you are travelling in the EU, but even then…


missed a flight due to problems/delays on public transport. without insurance would need to buy 4 new tickets but with insurance they paid for them.

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Whereas I have paid hundreds if not thousands in life insurance over the years and it has never paid out once. Not once. :pray:

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I hope you never have to repatriate a loved one back to the UK if the worst should happen and someone dies. That can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds if you’re uninsured.

The Nationwide travel insurance is pretty good, if you read what it actually covers.


funerals cost a fortune. I told my kids if I ever die on a ferry, just push me over the railings :wink:

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How will you make sure they wait until you die?


ha ha, my ex would beat them to that

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So is a Joint acount on the cards?

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Yes there is literally a card for them on Monzo’s roadmap here :slight_smile:

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Scanned through this post and couldn’t see this linked out, but looks like a cool implementation:


Plus with that, the ability to log into multiple Monzo accounts. I.e. my personal account and the joint account (with my wife). I know you guys are working on something around this but realistically how far off is it? Weeks, months, this year?


According to this its long term, i.e. more than 12 months

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