Do you use Credit Card or Debit Card?

Just curious to find out if people use a credit card or debit card for day to day spending? I’ve started to use my Virgin Atlantic credit card for absolutely everything now to rack up my points.
Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

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I can’t select both :eyes:

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Bit of both too.

Was really just wanting to find out who uses what card for day to day spending! I know a lot of people use credit cards for big purchases and for the section 75, I’m just curious to see who uses it to pay for there milk & bread etc then pay off the balance at the end of the month.

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If doing a big food shop it’s Amex for points, if corner shop for milk etc it’s monzo debit card. Sometimes can’t be bothered setting money aside when using credit card so just use debit instead, it is a bit of hassle but points/cashback do add up if you take the time.

Chase for virtually all day to day spending. Credit card for S75 stuff. R-


As per @rogerb above


Debit card mainly - I don’t have a rewards credit card which would justify all my spending on one.

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Amex Platinum Cashback for everything. Chase when Amex isn’t accepted.

Like I said, I can’t select both :rofl:

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Both too.
Used to be Amex for everything but their cashback was reduced. So now use Chase for the 1% until it expires and Amex if I need s75 cover. I always pay off in full by DD.

Chase for petty cash daily spending. Tesco clubcard for groceries. Nationwide credit for other stuff too big for Chase. Most stuff I need Section 75 protection for is bought online and use my first direct credit for that.

I prefer to have a balance that increases (that I still know I can pay off at the end of the month) than to have a balance counting down that I have to keep making sure has enough remaining to make a purchase. Is why I stopped using my first direct debit card for everything, I decided I didn’t like my grocery shopping coming out of the same account my mortgage came out of.

I try to use credit cards, but often the balance doesn’t update “live” enough for me, so left doing sums (i.e credit limit - available balance) just to find out what my balance is.

One of the great appeals of Monzo when I first joined many years ago, was the mixture of a live updating balance and the “spent so far today” notifications.


If you’d have asked me before Chase came along then I’d have said close to 100% on credit card for day to day spending.

Times have changed now though

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