Do you use an account aggregator or account aggregation feature? (Poll)

Do you use a dedicated account aggregator or use an account aggregation feature built into a bank or bank-like account?

  • Yes, and I have payment accounts from more than one provider
  • Yes, even through I only have payment accounts from one provider
  • No, and I have payment accounts from more than one provider
  • No, and I have payment accounts from only one provider

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In the above, ‘payment account’ refers to accounts you can make payments from (e.g. current accounts and credit card accounts). These are the account types most accessible by account aggregators. ‘Provider’ refers to institutions that offer these accounts, e.g. banks, building societies, credit card companies, emoney institutions. This, if you have a current account with Monzo and a credit card elsewhere you would have payment accounts from more than one provider.

If you do use a dedicated aggregator or use aggregator features, what do you use?
(if you use more than one, select all that apply)

  • Monzo Plus aggregation feature
  • Another Bank’s aggregation feature
  • Revolut’s aggregation feature
  • Tandem’s aggregation feature
  • Emma
  • Lumio
  • Money Dashboard
  • Moneyhub
  • Snoop
  • Yolt
  • Other

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I use Monzo plus but am still missing access to my virgin money credit card, which I think seems to be one of the more popular providers from the forum at least?

And of course waiting for the hinted at further features :crossed_fingers:

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I voted that I use Yolt, but to be frank I find it easier to just log into each of my accounts separately these days. Budgeting isn’t such a big one as I just spend on things that I need/that are recurring costs


I’ve tried Yolt, I’ve tried Emma, and I’ve tried Monzo Plus, and I agree with the above.


I have tried Yolt and Emma, and cannot see what all the fuss is about with aggregators.

But that could be because the way I use my accounts, the aggregators do not offer me anything of use as running balances will never tally, due mainly to funds held in savings accounts that cannot be included.

Brief example. Lots of spending these last few weeks for gifts for Christmas. Paid for on credit card, however, will be funded by my savings pot in a building society account. The aggregators do not know about this savings pot and so assume I have insufficient funds.

I know that accounts can be added manually, however, to me, that defeats the object of an aggregator app.


Sadly you can’t in Yolt and I’ll be damned if I pay for Emma Pro. Does Money Dashboard allow manual accounts?

I spend regularly across more than one account (specifically 2 current accounts and 2 credit cards). The composite spending tracking done by the aggregator is more useful than the information I can get from the apps for those individual accounts. Simple as that for me.

I just accept that an aggregator is not currently going to give me a complete overview of all my finances. Spending tracking/analysis is enough for me.


I use 7 aggregators, purely because not a single one of them covers all my accounts, so I use that many to try and cover as many as possible. That does lead to a lot of duplication, though.

It is notable that all of them seem to have a problem with incorporating Virgin Money. To be fair, I suspect the problem lies with VM, who are either dragging their feet with Open Banking and API connections, or are having difficulty digesting the legacy systems of Yorkshire and Clydesdale. Of course, VM just happen to hold my main account.

As a preference I quite like Moneyhub, although I am a stakeholder in Money Dashboard, for my sins.

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Which one do you use?

You need an aggregator aggregator.


I don’t use any, I have 5 minutes of my life to waste away every week to open an app and check on whatever account.


Also use Snoop, but not really for aggregation/tracking. I use it passively for the customised MSE-type tips it provides.


I only went back to Yolt because I was curious about the Yolt card.

I use different bank accounts for different things so the only thing Yolt does is gives me an ‘at glance look’ at all my finances

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Do any of the aggregators allow manual accounts for free?



Not sure. I settled on Emma about two years ago. Aside from Snoop I don’t have much recent experience with the others.

Emma only has manual accounts with the paid version and Snoop doesn’t have manual accounts.

Which 7?

Other than supporting specific banks you use do any have any features you particularly like?

How are you finding the Yolt card?

I have one and it’s a bit meh.

I don’t really have any reason to use it over Barclays or Amex, and keeping it topped up would be a faff. As such, I only gave it a go with the £10 I got as an apology for a faulty card.

Although they advertise Apple Pay, I can’t add the card to it for love nor money. If I could, I would be able to add both the physical and virtual cards at the same time but I’m not sure why I’d want to. You only get one virtual card so you can’t change the number/expiry/CVV.

All in all 5/10 – not for me but it might work for you if for some reason you want to spend on a card you have to keep topped up instead of spend from a bank


Money Dashboard
Open Money

Ideally, I would just use one!

Don’t tell - they all think I just use them alone.

All free apart from Moneyhub, which is only 99p a month.

I like the budgeting and monitoring facilities, and the diarising of upcoming payments. Also, I check my balances at least daily, and I like them as an alternative source of immediate transaction notifications, both for info, and as a guard against fraud.