Do you agree with Dave Ramsey?

Do you agree with Dave Ramsey

  • Yes
  • No

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If you don’t know who he is go and watch his YouTube channel (He’s like the American Martin Lewis but hates credit cards.)

I agree with most things he says including on credit cards, the only bit I don’t agree with is his investment advice.

But you voted ‘yes’


Agree with him on what, specifically?


I agree with most stuff apart from his investment advice

That’s yes and no, then.

How much of his content do I need to watch before I can make an informed decision?

I’ve got stuff to do, dude.

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On a sliding scale between Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki, I’m far closer to the Dave Ramsey side. Spend less than you earn, don’t go into debt; have an emergency fund; invest the rest.


Have to say

  1. I’ve never heard of him
  2. There is too much to view in one sitting
  3. Is his advice/views pertinent to UK?



You can apply it to the UK apart from the US only stuff.

The monzo forum has people from like everywhere here so its gonnna be a very mixed bag.

If I agree with some, and not other like you state then is it a maybe? There isn’t a maybe option.

And… mutes - because I feel this entire thread is off-topic given the sparsity of information about which I’m supposed to vote for something? No thanks. I’d rather people thought about what they were posting when they started threads.

So I’m muting this as a way to contribute to my own sanity, rather than see this thread re-appear again.

Hope that’s clearer.


I’m pretty sure the mute option is entirely for ones self… Letting the world know about it every time is really unnecessary and completely off topic.

As for Dave Ramsey, I’ve never heard of him, and judging by the lack of response, I’d guess a lot of others haven’t either.

With questions like this, it might be worth linking a few articles from him that you feel are relevant, so people can read up on some of his opinions :+1:


I think his advice is as relevant to the UK as it is to the US --we have similar financial afflictions. However, you just need to translate the different financial products to ours: “Roth IRA” to “SIPP”; “Mutual Fund” to “OEIC” etc

I found his book “Total Money Makeover” really useful.

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Aww you are right. My bad. I’ll go stand in the naughty corner I guess. What a churlish place this can be!

Unnecessary, maybe. But not off topic, in my view. It expresses a feeling about the thread, or the way the thread is developing quite succinctly.


Why did that get flagged?

That’ll be a personal opinion I guess, we both won’t see it the same way.

For me, it adds zero value to the discussion, and looks to be trying to belittle the OP.

I’d argue it breaks a few of the points on the code of conduct (but you may argue against that :grin:)

I’ve always been under the impression that “money” is a very different beast across the pond, so I’ll have to look into those books.

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Is there a particluar video I should watch or are you expecting us to watch them all?

There are several hundred of them! :scream:


Yeah there are way too many, I only came across him after getting suggested his stuff after watching some fintech videos on YouTube.
Then saw a thread on Reddit about him a few months later.