Dixons Carphone data breach


Almost 6 million cards may have just been compromised apparently!



And then they wonder why I refuse to give out personal information like name, postcode and email address when returning stuff to them… well maybe that’s why? :joy:


You know, I couldn’t care less whether they loose my credit card data - it’s not my responsibility.

But, as @anon23935806 noted, private details are a much bigger deal!


Some more details:

There was “an attempt to compromise” 5.8 million credit and debit cards but only 105,000 cards without chip-and-pin protection had been leaked, it said.

But sadly also:

The 1.2 million personal data records accessed by the hackers consisted of non-financial information such as names, addresses and email addresses.

So, it looks like they also accessed this type of data, which is as I said above much more crucial!


It is investigating the hacking attempt, which began in July last year.


(Nicholas Carter) #6

I’m glad these big companies take data protection and PCI compliance seriously and properly encrypt all this sort of data… Oh wait…

Big, big fines coming their way! First GDPR case? :thinking: (GDPR isn’t just marketing related - It also included personal data breaches etc)


First GDPR case?



If this really dates back to July 2017, then I don’t think so.

However, even under pre-GDPR legislation companies could (and have been [oops, did some say Carphone Warehoue?]) fined for databreaches, although GDPR fines are of course potentially much higher than pre-GDPR fines. GDPR is really not the game change that people make it out to be…