British Airways Data Theft

Next one on the list BA…

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16 days :joy_cat:

We need to make bets on who’s next. :joy:

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Have we got a list of who has been done so far?

Don’t think so. Maybe a good idea for a wiki

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As someone said on another thread the rate probably hasn’t gone up much but due to GDPR they are being more public when it does happen

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Typical BA, data ends up lost at the wrong destination


Is it just ‘credit cards’? Or are Sky News and BA using that as a thing for payment cards in general?

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I would imagine it includes debit cards. They are just generalising.

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Paragraph three does actually use the more accurate phrasing of “payment cards”.


I’m really intrigued to hear how Monzo operates in these situations (it might have been covered in another thread).

I’m assuming all transactions with BA in a specified period are highlighted and cards reissued for those customers.
Do card issuers recover the cost of having to do this from BA?

In any case, it’s reassuring to read that Monzo are proactive (or in the case of Ticketmaster identifying a breach).

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Eh? A list of every company that has ever been hacked?

This is the message that Monzo sends out:

I imagine they don’t recover the costs of sending new cards out. It’ll likely just be a cost of business.


Wonder how many cards they had to replace?

(Phrasing it like that in the hope someone from Monzo will come along with the information. The joy of stats :grin:)


Sounds like they should charge BA :laughing:

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Nah just the ones we have been posting on here recently

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We replaced around 1,300 cards last night between 8pm and 11pm. If you’re affected by this you will have received a feed item in your app with further details :slight_smile:


Gotta love the way Monzo handle this kinda thing so quick and early and then watching Starling copy the next day


Nope it seems they also identified users last night :eyes:


Yeah, I’m impressed by this.

I work for a high street bank and they have no intention of being proactive about this and only replacing cards at customers requests…