Dixons Carphone data breach affects 10 MILLION customers

Oh Dear


Well this is not surprising…


Fun fun fun :upside_down_face:

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I’ve not used Dicksons for years, may as well just be a collection point like Argos what with the lack of staff in most of them.


I dislike how they always try to up sell you on things even if you’ve gone in to buy something specific.


I wanted to buy a USB to Ethernet, they tried selling me a router :joy_cat: :upside_down_face: :eyes: CX-craZUkAAoy0d

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I got sold insurance cover on my laptop. The staff are clearly on commission as she was very pushy and said she would cancel the plan after the free month herself. I ended up doing it but only because she seemed desperate to get someone to sign up.

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Sales guy brought my tumble dryer round in his car boot after work after I signed up for the years insurance :joy:

I’ve personally seen a manager bully and shout at his staff on the shop floor before; I called him out on it and was rudely told where to go.

I’ve previously tried to take a faulty PC back a day after I bought it and being told that it’s “perfectly fine.” I had to then waste time going through the manufacturers RMA procedure.

Nothing Curry’s do anymore would surprise me; it’s a store that I refuse to spend money in again.

Guys this thread is veering off track rapidly. Can we please not turn it in to a lets bash dixons thread!

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Have they even informed customers affected yet? Although if it’s taken them a year to realise they missed 9million breaches I’m not expecting an email anytime soon.

I’m still confused as to how my personal information got breached in Carphone Warehouse’s last data breach, as I have no memory of ever giving them my personal data

The really humorous thing was that in order to find out where they got my data from, I had to fill out this huge form with my email address, phone number, home address, date of birth etc

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A massive data breach like this entails some bashing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They have said they will reach out to affected customers, but no indication of when… Considering its taken a year to announce it even happened I wouldn’t bank on anything too soon

I’m not sure what you were expecting from a monumental cock up such as this :joy: I see no way that Dixons comes out of this very well.

As for the comments such as…

The staff are under HUGE pressure to sell “Whatever Happens” - So much so that they will do all sorts of deals to make sure you take it (it’s worth more in profit than the sale of the machine most of the time).

They will often say “cancel it in the first month” - But if you cancel it in the first 14 days, you also get your money back (they will take the cost of the insurance cover off the machine, not the insurance itself).

Win win.