Distinguish subscriptions and direct debits on payments tab

On the scheduled section of the Payments tab, direct debits and subscriptions are lumped together. It’d be super useful to be able to filter or otherwise quickly see which is which.

(From the Payments tab mega-thread )


I’m not against the idea but I’m content enough with the current grouping in the Scheduled tab.
You have the fixed payments and standing orders at the top, with the scheduled payments where the amounts could vary grouped together at the bottom i.e. subscriptions and direct debits.

I’ve given this a vote as I don’t see any harm in further groupings but it would be well down my priority list as I’m not sure I see that much added value in it.

I only have direct debits so I know exactly what’s what, however, it may be useful for others.

It doesn’t really need further grouping as such.

A filter could enable a single chronological list combining standing orders, direct debits and debit card subscriptions which could be filtered on demand when you just wanted to see one or two types.

Alternatively current grouping structure could be maintained and an icon or text could be added to the direct debit items enabling easy distinction from the debit card subscriptions without having to tap to enter each item one by one.

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