Disruption taking place in all industries

I would like to get peoples opinion on the very clear disruption taking place in many industries across the world. From FinTech, to PropTech etc.

Is this an opportunity for young like-minded tech savvy individuals to come together and innovate/capitalise?

Property is one that I think has a lot of potential.

Something to help get people on to the ladder, especially in London. I think shared ownership will get more and more popular as it’s one of the only ways most people can buy somewhere.


Totally agree. Thank you for your comment.

I’ve been in my Shared Ownership home for nearly 6 months now having first enquired this time last year.

At the moment it’s mostly big developers that do it. I don’t see why a start-up with enough capital behind it couldn’t start offering Shared Ownership on existing properties. The problem at the moment is, that because SO is new-builds, it limits your choices and almost means you have to wait for them to be built as most sell off-plan.

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I listen to the Fintech Insider and Blockchain Insider podcast religiously and increasingly listen to 20 Minute VC. I am blown away by what is happening in almost every industry. Yesterday’s subjects were a VC fund for Longevity companies and one on GovTech.

A lot of companies, especially in Fintech, are going down the crowdfunding route, partly I imagine as a result of Monzo’s success. But it’s an area where you need to be careful. On saying that, I’m excited about some of the fintechs I’ve invested in outside of Monzo.

It’s hard to get a piece of the action outside of crowdfunding. Venture Capital is where the money will be made and there’s no real way of joining in that fun. Perhaps we can launch a crowdfunded VC fund? Just need another few million quid…

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Yes I think you’re exactly right, very interesting the amount of growth that all industries are experiencing right now.

A great time for investors I must say!

Anyone new to this topic have any comments or information about recent disruptive innovation?

Would be interested to find out more.

I agree very exciting times ahead.

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Worth watching/reading:

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Thank you for sharing. Very interesting watch.

Have a look at HyperSciences on Crowdcube. Looks very disruptive and what’s cool is how many industries it might impact. I’ve invested a small amount. Not my usual kind of investment but a lot of opportunity.


Thank you. I will have a look at HyperSciences.

Any other members of the Monzo community have an opinion on disruption in the market-place?

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