Display running balance with each entry


Bingo… There will ALWAYS be queries… I ‘trust’ Monzo to address those queries, I trust Monzo to handle them properly… But I must know my own account balances prior to even discuss them effectively with support.

I am however satisfied that Monzo know the problem now, and will ultimately give us the tools.


Works for me… I dont see this is a day to day aspect, its a ‘let me look into that’ aspect… So if your looking into something and double checking… Drilling deeper seems fairly logical.


To be fair, that Halifax app screenshot looks bloody terrible.

This is how RBS does it:

It displays transaction amounts only unless you swipe in from the right. Once swiped, it will display the transactions and the running balance.

(Carl Barrett) #164

To be fair it’s not the app as you can’t take screenshots of it.

How it looks isn’t the issue. It’s in response to someone saying it would take too much room. Which it clearly doesn’t.

(Tom ) #165

Yuk! That’s a horrible use of space. And confusing.


What confused you?

The little hexagons? Yeah, me too! How the hell am I supposed to tell where I’m spending my money? :wink:

(I didn’t say it was good, just showing how RBS does it)

(Frank) #167

Personally I also think a running balance per transaction is overkill (great if you can dig into the transaction for the detail) however I would still prefer to have daily running balance on the date lines. There is plenty of space and for me is invaluable (I’m falling out of favour with the pulse, good for trend but not the data for me).

I think the main limits for this is when the feed has both pending and cleared items.


The way that the First Direct app does it is to have the day’s transactions and the balance at the end of each day.

(Hugh) #169

I would agree with this.
I think the audit trail needs to be there, not necessarily for trusting Monzo but figuring out what happened to that £30…oh sh*t I sent Person X 10x more than I meant to… or for accountants, or tax purposes. It is just something useful to have especially when everything is in a constant feed without a tally per week or anything, so it would be very difficult after a few months or so to calculate the balance yourself…

(Frank) #170

Yeah this is the minimum stanadsrd I was referring to and would like to see. But they only have to deal with cleared funds (except maybe cheques🤔)

(Jonathon) #171

I so so honestly don’t understand how that is in any way, shape or form confusing.

Don’t like it, sure. Find it pointless, absolutely.

Find it confusing: I’ve never met anyone who wouldn’t be able to understand that screen.


@coffeemadman meet @tomsr.

@tomsr meet @coffeemadman


(Tom ) #173

Yep. You have now. :+1:

(Jonathon) #174

I don’t believe for a second he doesn’t actually understand it.

I get that people don’t like it, I totally do. I just can’t believe anyone would look at that and not understand what is going on. Particularly someone invested in a fintech company.

(Jonathon) #175

That. Well, that is… well, there we are.

(Tom ) #176

Well this got a little bit personal…


To my mind, RBS has implemented that fairly well.

And there’s a sentence I don’t often* see myself typing.


(Jonathon) #178

Not at all. Apologies if that’s how it came across.

In this instance I’ll back out, but I still have a huge interest in what you find confusing by that, since it’s the standard way of showing banking transactions that I assume you have been seeing for your entire life up to this point.

(Tom ) #179

Ok I was being facetious when I said:

Of course I understand it - it’s just a lot of info to take in - hence my use of the word ‘confusing’. It’s quite busy looking on a small screen.

(Jonathon) #180

That was my point: there is a difference between not liking the look, finding it busy etc and not understanding or finding confusing. By definition confusing implies some kind of lack of understanding.