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Totally agree with this. There’s a literal galaxy to explore. It doesn’t have to be always be the same dozen characters and handful of locations.

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I really like all the crime dramas like the glades and criminal minds going on there. Also great to see ghost whisper.

Haven’t read many of the above posts as trying to avoid the Andor spoilers atm as not even started the series :man_facepalming::joy:

But has anyone watched the She-Hulk finale yet today?

No spoilers from me, but :man_shrugging::rofl:

Don’t miss post-credits scene either!

I’m going to watch the finale tonight I think! I’m up to Episode 7 so far.

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I dont think I can say anything without spoiling it, but i think im pretty speechless anyway, i don’t know what to think or say

BUTTTTT… Having said that…


Marvel are obviously very self aware

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Certainly not what I expected.

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Just finished Andor. Thought it was great. Very pleased there’s another series coming before we get to Rogue One.

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It was brilliant.

Disney finally going off piste with Star Wars and for my money it’s by far the best series so far.

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Got the last two episodes to watch but so far it’s been great and I agree with @ravipatel it’s the best series they’ve created so far.

Really well written and not been made to include daft callbacks all the time like the rest.

This is really key. Without spoling anything, there’s a moment in the final episode where for a second I thought they’d brought in the big guns, but I needn’t have feared.

I’d say it’s Star Wars’ version of Winter Soldier. Which, not coincidentally, is my favourite MCU movie.

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As someone who is team Spider-Man of the MCU, what would you say is the Star Wars equivalent to that?

I enjoyed the first two seasons of Mandalorian, but haven’t really been drawn into trying anything else since the book one was too boring to keep my interested past the first two episodes.

I’m looking forward to the third season of the Mandalorian, but the jury is out on whether I’ll actually watch it. According to my brother I’m probably going to need to endure the rest of Book because apparently the second half of that show turns into a season 2.5 of The Mandalorian, so might be important for the plot of the third season, which is Ugh. It’s the sort of tv trope which ruined Arrow for me. My mistake for watching it not realising it was based on a comic book super hero until the flash showed up.