Disappointed in Monzo after investing in shares in 2018

It appears the quality and service has decreased over the past 6 years.

Monzo support seems to give bot-like responses and tells you that they can’t give an ETA or update despite your account being frozen for no apparent reason. You tell them that the transactions you are doing are of your own accord, you record ID verification videos and it is still not enough. They also think it is acceptable to freeze your account and leave you without update for an unlimited period of time. When you ask the in-app chat people they just tell you that you have to wait for a “specialist team” to have a look and that they cannot contact them at all so you’re stuck in some sort of limbo.

I do not recall Monzo ever being like this and it appears there’s heavy backlogs or not enough members of staff. It is absolutely outrageous that your account can be automatically frozen and then you’re left in the dark until Monzo can be asked to have a look at your account - with the support team being quite frankly, useless. What are people supposed to do if they need the funds in the account to feed their children or to pay the bills? Monzo certainly doesn’t care.

If Monzo ever wants to have the credibility of the high-street banks they are going to need to sort this out. Posting here because I’m hoping someone can actually do something.

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This is a banking issue, not a Monzo issue.

And has absolutely nothing to do with you spending £50 on some shares 6 years ago.


It’s a Monzo issue when they offer no support or can’t even provide an ETA. It’s a Monzo issue when they do not have enough staff to adequately meet demand. It’s a Monzo issue for leaving people without access to their funds for an uncanny period of time.

I mentioned my investment 6 years ago to show you how overtime the service has declined.


Every bank/emoney provider does this, not just monzo.

As above.


Do you think that is acceptable?

They need to investigate.

Pure guesswork.

Completely irrelevant.


Not sure why you’re acting like you’re supporting your local football team.

There’s nothing to investigate when they froze my account the day before because of a large payment that I received. I explained this to them and told them that I will be sending out a large payment so need my limit increased. They increased my limit but upon sending out my payment they froze my account again, foolishness.

It’s quite obvious they lack the adequate number of staff otherwise I wouldn’t be waiting so many hours for this to be sorted.

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I’m probably the wrong person to ask.

Wait times aren’t acceptable in some instances (depends on what triggered and reasoning).

Manpower is how you view it, wanting answers to classified info ie reasons behind frozen funds etc, staff aren’t allowed to tell you why, I can agree with them not telling you.

Not having the manpower to acknowledge your initial message and generally telling you to wait for a reply is different to getting through to someone who says it’s with the right team just wait it out.

Usually people do get an initial reply.

Then there’s the old all eggs in one basket scenario for the just-in-case-of-anything situations being true (agreeably not possible in all situations).

I’ve personally never had an issue like this and can imagine it could be frustrating; but ALL banks and providers do the same.

It’s more shouted about for monzo and these newer fintech types because the crowd they aim toward are familiar with how to shout about it online, thinking the banks/providers give a :poop:.


Monzo operate under the laws of the UK. When it comes to freezing bank accounts, the law says the banks aren’t allowed to tell the customers anything. That is, it’s literally illegal for them to tell you anything. It’s called “tipping off”.

The law is a ass here, not Monzo.


I naturally strip out all emotion and bias to respond to such a post. The only way to do that is to be honest:

  • I invested. I believe in the bank and I want the bank to do well
  • The support level has reportedly tanked over the last 3-4 years for many people, although I’ve only experienced instant help for my personal issues
  • Accounts being frozen - I can only believe there are other agendas at play here - I’ve had Pre-Paid, Current, Joint and Flex since they all launched and never had a single issue. And yes, they are my day-to-day accounts with almost everything going in-and-out
  • The feature set and flexibility of the Monzo service is above and beyond any alternative I can find at this time

One sincere, unbiased and leave-your-own-opinions-at-the-door question - have you personally suffered from any of the negative instances you posted?


I only use my monzo account to pay for things off the internet like ebay or amazon, id not use it as my main account, for reason you have said, it’s an on line bank account, you can’t walk into a monzo bank and demand answers!! in my opinion it’s not a safe bet……

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You generally can’t in branch with other banks, usually told to call or communicate in other ways as they’re there to provide banking services not explain things they’re not trained to explain.


Without the context of where your large payment originated and where you were sending a similar large payment, it is very difficult to even begin to guess what is at play here.

Something or someone associated with your payment(s) has triggered a need to investigate.

Every single financial institution in the UK is now operating under stringent Anti-Money-Laundering regulations and guidelines.

That is why they cannot tell you immediately why your account has been frozen. Within the legal framework Monzo and all other banks are operating, it would be illegal for them to do so, punishable by heavy fines.

Any perceived delay on your part is due to the investigations and processes that must be followed and will have nothing to do with staffing levels

From what I can discern, if anything Monzo is one of the better institutions at getting things sorted quickly.

Hugely frustrating for you as a customer but if you want something to blame it is the legal framework not Monzo.

I feel your frustration the fact it’s …Waiting and stuck in limbo. Yeah, British are not the most patient in the world at anything in life, we want answers, like yesterday. But I have yet to ever have “fantastic” customer service in any bank!
It’s never happened and I’ve used almost every bank I can think of.

Hopefully your get answers before you get …Madder🤔

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Well with my barclays account i can, they are actually very helpful and full of knowledge…….

when i had a problem with my monzo account i was pasted from pillar to post, not one person at the end of the phone could help me, i had to work out the problem myself, not a good advert from a bank, is it? so i with draw al my money from my monzo account and now only use it for buyin goods from amazon, ebay etc, as i no longer have confidence in monzo! what will happen when al banks close? and they will close, it’s al ready started, god help us when we become a cashless society!!

Well telephone support seems the right step forward for you, first direct don’t have branches but their support has been proven excellent for many many years amongst the majority, so possibly worth a look there.

At least you have options :slightly_smiling_face: monzo just doesn’t seem a good fit for you.


monzo’s ok for on line payments…… it’s what i now use it for, so i now only keep a small amount of cash in there for my on line purchases.

Yes. So you keep saying.