Disable Online Payments to a Specific Retailer/Merchant

Hello ladies and gents,

I have a feature suggestion; hope I’m doing this right!

It would be superb if account holders could restrict online payments to specific merchants, in the same way the anti-gambling feature currently works.

It’d super superb if account holders could perhaps toggle individual retailers on and off (with a 24/48 hour cool down, like the anti-gambling feature) or perhaps allow customers to have a ‘blacklist’ of retailers or merchants.

This would allow me to stop buying, hypothetically… the entire Steps back catalogue from iTunes when I’m drunk, or accidentally ordering 20% of Amazon’s product range every time I get paid.

Apologies if this has already been suggested or I’ve done a metaphorical dump on the rules and/or mandated etiquette.

Yours faithfully,
Jacob Stuart Ride Esq.

:soon: :wink:

Not sure what the friction will be but hopefully a 24 hour wait

Downloading Steps would be a tragedy :no_mouth:


Merchant Blocking is something that is definitely in the works. Watch this space! Not sure on an ETA for when it might be available right now though.



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You could also consider this to be a security feature…

If you are adding just the retailers which you use and your card details get stolen… someone who attempts to make an unauthorized purchase using these details will only be able to do so through the sites you have defined… otherwise it just wont work.

Very professional pitch, well written, examples given - I like it! 10/10 :wink: :joy:

I’d love this feature to block TFL transactions.

I have an annual travel card (purchased on a reward credit card, not Monzo) and have once or twice accidentally used my monzo to tap in or out. It’s such a pain getting the money back from TFL, like getting blood out of a stone! I’d rather just block TFL from my Monzo contactless and never have to worry about accidental taps or card clash.

You wouldn’t be able to block them as they are offline payments