The ability to disable merchants from inside Monzo

Hello All,

Would it be possible to disable certain merchants in Monzo?

Example -

I spend a lot of money at Pret (food/coffee). If I had the option to disable this merchant I would be more likely to walk further to Tesco.

I know its all about mind / will power but you know what I’m getting at.


While this sounds a good idea, the problem which might be encountered is if you forgot and you got to paying and became embarrassed when the card is rejected. A lot of people get embarrassed over cards being rejected.

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This would increase friction, which is something Monzo aren’t keen on…

I spend a lot of money in the pub I stop my card I go in to the pub I unstop my card.

Will power loses

Or go the the ATM

So I get this idea is coming from the perspective of controlling your finances.

I immediately think about situations where this would unintentionally backfire. Travelling late at night, need food and sustenance, only option is Pret… travelling early in the morning, only option is Pret… colleague decides to have a meeting in Pret … etc etc. There’s just too many situations where this type of function would be more trouble than it’s worth. Cue messages to CS from people saying: hey I blocked Tesco/Pret/McDonalds but I now need to make a purchase in the next 30 seconds as it’s the only option available to me.

Sounds horrible.

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1st world problems, all I have available is Pret. What can I do, I will surely starve before I get to Costa :sweat_smile:

Hi Monzo staff
Please can you use my location services to block all junk food outlets within 1 mile of my house? :zipper_mouth_face:

Noble idea but may well create more hassle than it solves. Unless @tomedwards can refine it further?

Hello all,

Thanks for the responses. After reviewing you are right - it could be a nightmare and not worth the feature to be implemented.

More will power is need - but their sandwiches are very good :wink:

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And you do get a good discount for bringing a reusable cup :+1:


I used to drop off their food to a hostel so I have tried almost everything they offer.

Their sandwich combinations are weird. The only one I like is the tuna and cucumber baguette. Their cakes are nice but way overpriced for what they are.

I however think it’s great that they give something back by giving their unsold food to charities and hostels.

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