Direct debit issues

So, last week i had a failed direct debit. I made the payment later that day directly to the vendor.

Since then Monzo have tried to take the DD but the vendor says we have not requested it and your account is up to date.

Is this a bug ? I dont know. But currently monzo keep trying to take this DD …THIS MORNING, THEN THIS AFTERNOON(2PM) and will try again TOMORROW??

What is going on Monzo?

It’s not monzo.

Some merchants process a failed direct debit a few days later automatically if it fails the first time.

Regardless who you spoke to at the merchant, they were wrong, direct debits work on instruction from the merchant; Monzo don’t just decide when to take money from you to pay them.

The merchant should have explained this would happen; either in your initial contract with them, or correspondence following the failed payment to notify you it failed and they will attempt again.

If the merchant hasn’t cancelled the second attempt following receipt of manual payment from you, you need to raise a formal complaint with them.