Direct Debit from savings pot

It would be great to be able to pay my VAT directly from a business savings pot: Pay your VAT bill: Direct Debit - GOV.UK

Currently, I transfer money to the pot to accrue interest and then make a manual payment after transferring the money back to my main balance. It would be nice to not have to worry about these steps.

I realise this is probably related to existing feature requests for the same thing on the personal and joint accounts but wanted to highlight a genuine use case. Thanks!

To quote @revels, never gonna happen. Now I’m not normally that pessimistic, but it involves a savings product which is under the purview of the savings team, so in this context I genuinely believe it won’t without a leadership change.


I’ve posted in the business forum about the business savings account - only having one of them, and the inability to pay bills. Explained use cases. “Oh that’s interesting” type response. No change. The savings team (or the business team) either just don’t get it or choose not to.

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