Delete, merge and rename Shared Tabs

(Christiaan) #1

My girlfriend and I have a smattering of “Settled Tabs” with no transactions in them because we changed our minds about how we wanted to set them up. But we can’t leave them. We think we should be able to delete these easily or at least leave them. There’re no transactions associated, so why not?

We’d also like to be able to merge Shared Tabs. Again we’ve changed our minds a couple of times about how we want them set up so now we also have a smattering of Settled Tabs with one or two transactions in them, which we’d rather have showing in the new Shared Tabs we’ve set up. Perhaps this would need the permission of any people in the Shared Tab.

And lastly we’d like to be able to rename Shared Tabs. I guess, again, with permission of people in the Shared Tab, or perhaps a visible log amongst the transactions that shows the change in name. This feature would have prevented us from creating Settled Tabs clutter in the first place.

(Dan) #2

Great idea, definitely need to be to delete them :slight_smile:

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #3

I’d be happy with the notion of the owner of the Shared Tab (whoever instigated it) being the one with these abilities. There has to be SOME sense of ‘talk to the other people involved’ rather than bogging down Shared Tabs with lots of extra checks.

I support these changes though!

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  • I like the idea of being able to delete a Shared Tab if there are no transactions in it.

  • Merging Shared Tabs could make things overly complicated and wouldn’t really be worth the development time imo.

  • Renaming Shared Tabs would be a great feature. I think it’s something that people will be shocked they can’t do already.


I think shared tabs should also have the option to be deleted when settled too as well as if there are no transactions. My tabs sections is starting to look a bit messy and an archive of settled tabs I’ll never look at again.