Declined: paying into cash ISA from Monzo current account

Interesting suggestion, I might try that. Although Halifax keep repeating that they can’t go against the Ts&Cs because of agreements made with HMRC, rather than any kind of technical limitation. Worth a shot though, thanks!

Some ISA’s require you to send the SO from an account with them, I don’t know the T&C’s with yours, but this could be the issue? It may be worth checking.


I’ve still not had any contact from Monzo since this.

Can you give me a progress update, please?


Tagging @MrSherlock to make sure this is seen :eyes:

I’ve now heard from Monzo, who have gone to some pretty extraordinary lengths to try to get to the bottom of this for me.

Unfortunately they’re unable to resolve this on their end so I have to take it back to Halifax (or just go with one of the workarounds).

Thanks to everyone who responded and thanks to @MrSherlock et al for the effort!


Just experienced this problem today. I switched my HTB ISA from Nationwide which I was paying into monthly from my Monzo to Halifax where they are not accepting my payments. Luckily I have a Halifax current account too which I’m using as a workaround for now but I’d like to see this fixed in the near future!

Have you asked Halifax for an explanation?

Solved! Because you can no longer open a HTB ISA,
Halifax had opened a regular ISA and it hadn’t fully switched over to a HTB properly so they fixed that for me and I have set up a standing order from my Monzo!

Did anyone hear if Monzo is going to be implementing SOPs as I have a similar situation, before I switch them over.

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I’ve never had the issue above and pay into isas