Data privacy and who to trust

I’m So we now have GDRP and are constantly smoothered by all this data protection malarchy, how we are protected, what steps are being taken to protect us as clients, how we can protect ourselves, etc.

Obviously most of this new date protection has a lot to do with the devices we use and a lot to do with permissions we set on it.

My main point being…eventually, we will all bank with fintech mobile banking, giving them complete access to our smartphone devices, which in all honesty, to some of us, our whole life.

Do you really think our private data is as secure as were being told it is…?

BTW…actually, i can prove a certain case, recently I applied for starling bank, they accepted, sent me the card immediately, the next day they sent me a letter advising, they are closing my account and they do need to tell me why. I asked for a copy of my GDRP report, it arrived 2 weeks later, in form of a letter with with a few pages stapled together. They had 2 pictures of me, my passport and a selfie. The selfie they had on file was taken without my permission, as it was a selfie taken of me whilst I was abroad sitting on a white bed in a hotel, the selfie I sent was taken In the UK, sitting on my mother’s grey leather sofa.

Few days later, they performed a hard credit check on my file, without my permission. Lucky for me, the account was closed in good standing order with a green tick next to it as per my experien credit score, which is something most people in this community should also do, it will resolve soooooo many silly questions posted here, unless those questions, complaints or silly questions are to be taken as some form of indirect criticism :chicken::chicken::chicken:

You aren’t giving banking apps anywhere near complete control/access to your phone.

It’s like any other app on your phone there are permissions on Android/ apple, and they can’t just take info off your phone, and all the extra sandboxing that banking apps use to stop other potential malicious apps on your phone accessing your banking app details , helps both ways as it also helps to stop it seeing your info from other apps.

Don’t be so sure of that, I’m no expert, once you have installed the app, sent a few transfers, received a few notifications, but more importantly, connected with support chat, I’m taking a wild guess and saying that, it’s all over for “privacy” from there.

Don’t be surprised if on day in the future my words become headline news.

However…I’m not accusing or insinuating that a certain company is doing wrong…I’m just stating the obvious, based on current privacy news…

Your selfie was taken when you opened your account and had to record the video to open your account. They took a snapshot for security purposes. GDPR allows companies to request or hold data for legitimate interests without expressed permission. This can be:

  • Promoting responsible lending and helping to prevent over-indebtedness
  • Helping prevent and detect crime and fraud and anti-money laundering services and verify identity
  • Supporting tracing and collections

and the most important legitimate interest

  • Complying with and supporting compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Starlings Terms and Conditions also clearly state:

When you download the App, you will be required to provide certain Security Information.


Security Information means the information we request from you (including through the App or when we open your Account) to ensure your Account and your use of the App remain secure;

You agreed to the credit check when you opened the account (again in Starlings Terms and Conditions):

In order to continue to provide you with your Account, we carry out certain checks, including identity, fraud and credit checks, on a regular basis. We also update credit bureaus and other data sources from time to time in respect of your Account.

Might be an idea to back up your claims then with links etc so people can make an informed decision about your concerns.

As pointed out by @kolok iOS has what is called sandboxing. This stops apps accessing you other data on a device and other app data without permission. I’m sure Android has similar protections.




Nice of you to look into my.account and present me with a mild explaination, I’m gonna agree to disagree with you as I have no intentions of complaining, neither do I have any energy or time to present you with screenshots which will unsurface those holes in your very confident comeback.

Because you don’t have any evidence, only conspiracy theories?


Where would you like me to post the evidence?

I need about 10 mins

I’m scared to comment on any of @OmarRana recent topics.

It’s great that you’re highlighting things and opening them up for discussion but if someone disagrees with your view then you seem to turn quite nasty and attack them :confused:

Back on topic though… It will be good to read your evidence when you get round to posting it. When people supply this it makes a debate much more engaging because if credible you can’t really argue against it and who knows, we all might learn something new! :slight_smile:


I’m no expert either. Which is why I wouldn’t take any wild guesses. :+1:


Brexit means BREXIT!!


Closing this thread as it’s straying off-topic and not constructive. Feel free to start a new thread or get in touch with us directly if you have any concerns around data security or privacy.