Cycling Thread

So I am curious, how many - and what type of Cyclists we have in our community.

Why not post a pic of your Steed too!

I do a couple of mile commute each way, 4 days a week on an Orange Speedwork:

But my real passion is Mountain Biking (even if I’m not very good) - single track trail and public cycle/bridleway cycling on my Orange Five:
(it’s actually had new cranks and pedals since this! :wink: )


Haven’t ridden for a while but I used to whizz around on a East Way R4.0 Completed Ride London with this beast.

I have a road bike (Specialized Allez) but like the OP my passion is Mountain Biking. Also enjoy solo touring during the summer months! Enjoyed cycling down Jacob’s Ladder last weekimage

Maybe we should start a Strava Monzo Group?


Awesome thread @KH1988!

My only built bike at the moment is a BMC TMR 02.

I have a Dolan Track Champion in bits on which I’ve done 10,000+ miles mostly on the road, on that rocket!

Currently working out a new commute/town bike build. Thinking of going the Surly Steamroller route for a more driving miss daisy meets platoon vibe i.e. a comfortable tank!

Also dreaming of a Ti Kinesis Tripster…

@RossA love the idea of a Strava group on Monzo!

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I love the idea of building a bike, but the kind of specs/prices I go for, I find it easier to buy the bike on 0% and then upgrade it a bit at a time; that way its not “out of action” whilst i build it…

I’ll look at making a group if there are a decent number of cyclists on here…

so, whilst we’re at it:

  • Where do people off-road?
  • Whats the best place you have gone on-road?

I have a nice little MBUK route at Epsom Downs, and I also like the trails at Swinley Forest in Bracknell… there isnt much in and around Croydon for off-roading tbh so i make a point of travelling to decent places. A while back I did Windhill Bike Park in Wiltshire - awesome place but the lack of Uplift is killer!

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I already had a ToughMonzo club set up for those that did the Tough Mudder. Here’s a link so feel free to join in…

I also really enjoy using Komoot. If you want to follow me and see some of my routes:

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My boyfriend is getting back into cycling and I miss it, so I have gained use of my younger sisters bike and the boyf fixed it up this weekend. He’s useful like that. Needed new tubes, rear reflector and bell. It’s a very simple bike and it’ll do.



The boyfriend got this, and has been pining after it for about 2 years - decent save because it was sold as seen after being outside for about 2 years. (of Halfords) but he loves a project so this satisfies him.



My new Carerra :smiley:


Nothing like a new bike!

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Awesome! split my time between MTB, road (low level Allez with several previous owners) and a general purpose do-it-all bike. Somehow all the MTBs seem to be singlespeed although that wasn’t they way they started out…

My task is to try and get the Monzo / Strava / IFTTT save applet to put away a realistic amount to save towards bike parts / new bike. Current setting is too generous!

It was asked where abouts the cycling is done. For me it’s almost always local - Morayshire - with occasional forays to likes of Aviemore and Perthsire, sometimes into Highlands as well. Not big mountain DH rides, but XC stuff, maps, hike-a-ike, that sort of thing.

I love cycling but my mud guard pinged off.

I tried to pull off the metal that was holding it on (I obviously think I’m much stronger than I am).

Result = a long metal rod sticking horizontally out of the side of my bike & no more cycling.

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Also yes for a Monzo Strava group!


I’m pretty sure you can just unscrew those… you got a pic?

I think we just decided to recycle the ToughMonzo group… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t have a photo right now but I think I could take it to a bike shop & get them to unscrew it. That or I’m just gonna have to do it myself sometime… :hammer_and_wrench:

Can anyone join?? :grin:

I think anyone can join, but @RossA I think needs to approve the request if i remember rightly.

Yes - there is a ToughMonzo Strava group that you can join. Maybe a sponsored cycle next year for Turn2Us? Hi @EmilyP!

The address for the club is for anyone interested. :grinning:

Mudguard strut should unscrew from frame with allen key most likely.

Bike maintenance I always found very hard, not mechanically minded when younger and still struggle now. Park Tools website and other YouTube channels are very useful resource, plus a couple of handy workshop books. Simple set of tools will go a long way, then can expand as attempting more intricate tasks. You do need time and space and a clear head I find.