CYBG acquisition of Virgin Money


What happens to the Clydesdale Bank notes? Are we going to see Virgin Money tenners with Bransons face on (which are still near impossible to spend south of Carlisle)?

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I’d like to be paid in those. I hear you don’t have to pay any tax on them :yum:


B is joining forces with Virgin Money. Soon you’ll get all the best bits of a cutting-edge digital bank together with an innovative customer champion. It’s the ideal combination of ambition and charisma, innovation and experience. Some might say it’s the perfect bank balance.

(Thomas Horne) #66

Well they certainly sorted the issue of a current account that wasn’t really working out quickly.

Will be interesting to see if and how B is phased out for the Virgin Money brand.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #67

Interestingly Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks have recently both phased out their own–brand free current accounts in favour of B, so this’ll be the main account for Virgin, even if it’s rebranded. My money’s still on ‘V’.

(Andre Borie) #68

You mean the flipping chicken is going away? :joy:

(Jack) #69

The flipping chicken alone was one of the reasons I left. It was all too much :sweat_smile:

That and the slow app load times…

(Andre Borie) #70

That and the slow app load times…

Tbh Monzo has recently been the worst for me.

(Jack) #71

Strange as for me it couldn’t be any quicker tbh.

(Andre Borie) #72

Lately they’ve improved but it’s still quite bad. Not sure what’s causing the difference - are you using it as your main account? Could be due to the number of transactions.

(Jack) #73

Yeah I am have been for a number of months. Had the account over a year now.
I split transactions between Monzo and Amex.

(Hamish) #74

I quite like the flippin’ chicken. Takes a little while to flip into the account but I can cope with that for the £250 they gave me to switch to them. Quite like B, but I do like Monzo more.

(William Brown) #75

I left Clydesdale bank cause they were useless I opened an account asked for card took them 5 weeks they said I’ll have a cheque book never saw one and they said I’ll get statements never happened so I said close it so I did and went to the Halifax before bank of Scotland took them on and destroyed them. I like virgin money except the lack of online banking far superior than Clydesdale bank

(William Brown) #76

Think they are moving virgin customers over to the Clydesdale bank systems at a small rate so that there isn’t another tsb fiasco

(William Brown) #77

Usain bolt not in virgin media adverts anymore?


Some of them, yes. RB in others.


I think it was more the influence of Halifax people in HBOS that bought about their problems.