CYBG acquisition of Virgin Money

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #42

That is… limited…

(Richard) #43

Might change when/if that merger gets approval

(Graham - Mental health professional) #44

And surprisingly, whilst I can create a ISA online, I need to go to a store to apply for a current account.

It still looks like early days as far Virgin making a difference is concerned.

(Richard) #45

Might change once their merger with CYBG group goes through.

Last I heard all Clydesdale/Yorkshire banks would be rebrand to virgin money

(William Brown) #46

Online to view current account until the Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks move over they will have to have internet banking in full I know all I can do is view account view standing orders set up view direct debits set up can’t service the account must phone up or go in to high street location at minute

The idea is all customers will be virgin money by three years max

(William Brown) #47

Clydesdale will need to build online for virgin money as Clydesdale and Yorkshire will move in stages to virgin money with business customers last

(William Brown) #48

They will need to do it in away it avoids TSB fiasco that just keeps continuing

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #49

This was going off topic from the original thread so I’ve split it off to this one to allow chat to continue here!

(William Brown) #50

It means a lot when I do top ups as I don’t get chance to do one off bank transfers online