CYBG acquisition of Virgin Money

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Welcome to Barclays. You know coz they’re serious and all

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I love how insecure they feel that they have to say they’re FSCS protected every time you open the app. :joy::joy:

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It’s been sold

No mention of future lounge coffee provision

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I think B will be replaced with whatever the Virgin nextgen platform is (if that is committed to).

(Alejandro Mery) #25

B’s credit card can’t even notify you when a transaction happens or give basic support without a phone call.

having a lame app and a colourful logo doesn’t change the legacy nature of CYBG


Yeah, they outsourced that to TenX a long time ago (the first google result announcing it is from nov 2016! If that’s wrong then it’s nov 2017) so you would think that they would have an awesome new platform about to land if TenX’s future technologies are as good as they say they are.

Could this lead to fintech’s first “sellotaped” Frankenstein challenger bank, or will they just dump the worst one in the bin?

To me this is an example of where UK banking culture is rotten. They are not becoming a challenger of scale, they are just reducing competition and creating synergies for themselves.

Instead of spending £2bn on the charred remains of northern rock why not create a proposition that makes customers switch and then gain a million customers for free and who want to be there? Oh wait CYBG tried that with B and failed.

Monzo and Starling are the only ones who seem to be able to acquire customers organically.


called it tbf:

When asked what will happen to the arrangement with 10x, CYBG chief executive David Duffy told journalists: “We have all the technology we need to deliver all the services for both ourselves and Virgin so we will be re-platforming with our technology.”

Virgin Money takeover puts ex-Barclays chief’s 10x contract in doubt

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CYBG tried that with B and failed

Well their app has a flipping chicken as the loading screen (and has a loading screen to begin with), so what did you expect? :joy::joy:

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Maybe when they have a go at building a Virgin Money app it’ll flip the V? :wink::joy:

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S[quote=“Haitch, post:27, topic:37516”]
“We have all the technology we need to deliver all the services for both ourselves and TSB Virgin so we will be re-platforming with our technology.”

© Banco Sabadell


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You can use it in the Clydesdale or Yorkshire Bank app, depending on which option you selected when you signed up, and it works exactly the same except a bit faster. That’s how revolutionary it is. B has an iPad app, which Clydesdale and Yorkshire don’t, so that is one benefit.

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so the Clydesdale app sees pending credit card transactions and notifies you?

(Katrina) #34

I’ve only ever done one credit card transaction on it, and I think 2 cash withdrawals. Neither app notified me of anything, but I think it showed the card transaction as pending reasonably quickly, certainly by the time I got home from the shops.

I use it mostly as a deposit account to keep my emergency / large item replacement fund separate from my spending money, as it gives me 0.75% interest and I can get to the money quickly if I need to buy for example a new washing machine.

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I hope they don’t scrap the bus stop lounges with free coffee and pineapple pizza :pizza:


Says it all really. Legacy tactics - dangle a carrot (or pineapple pizza) then lock the victims to bad deals with them forever.

This is so un-Monzo :face_vomiting: - they would never do it and this thread should be burned :fire:

Edit: oops, meant to post this on the “Monzo should have lounges like virgin” themed thread!

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They should employ more cleaners if the lounges make customers stickier.

Good to see examples of how things shouldn’t be done

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I’ve been only to the Picadilly Circus lounge, coffee is ok, saw no pizza, it is clean, and the toilet is decent so actually not a bad place to relax for a bit if you’ve been on a shopping spree.

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Virgin money have no online banking facilities? :neutral_face:

Turning off debit card top-ups for new users
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They have internet banking but I don’t know what facilities are within it. :confused:

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Just found it… not very much…