Custom target timeframe for holidays category

(Ben Green) #1

It would be really helpful to be able to set a custom target timeframe for the holidays category.

I am currently on holiday for a week and keep receiving alerts that I’m spending too quickly in holidays category for the month. If it were set to the length of the holiday for that category then the alerts could be calculated accordingly to reflect the length of my stay.

Many travellers will need a custom timeframe for that category as holidays vary in duration. Some a few days, some a few months.

I am aware that the custom timeframe improvements are being developed for targets, but I understand it’s across the whole amount rather than per category.

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(Tristan Thomas) #2

Yup, totally agree! Maybe for now set no target for your holiday?

(Ben Green) #3

I could do, but I really like to know how much I have left to spend so it doesn’t affect my other categories when I’m back from holiday. Currently everything is on the holidays category for me this week.

It’s okay, I’ll put up with them as it’s only for another few days for me.

(Tristan Thomas) #4

I’m going on holiday next week so I may well change my tune very quickly :wink:

(Ben Green) #5

Just noticed something else that might throw people off. Since my original post on this topic, I adjusted my Holiday target upward slightly and the bar turned green and the alerts have stopped. 3 days later, I’ve spent nearly all of my budget with 3 days still to go until I leave and not even halfway through the month.

My meter for the holidays category is still showing in green, but at this point I’d expect it to turn orange or even red and alert me that I’m spending too quickly on this category for the month.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

That’s strange, I’ve also increased by target for categories this month & the alerts have adjusted themselves, then continued working as expected. Have you tried force quitting the app?

(Ben Green) #7

Just got back from shopping where I’d spent the last little remainder of my holiday budget. The bar is at £0 left and still showing in green. I have since just tried force quitting as well as log out and back in again. Still the same.

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