Custom Pot - images to use

Thanks @JackW!

I use, which is just an online basic version of illustrator :blush:

What kind of hot chip pots are you thinking ?

Iwould love a hot chip on a date night, hot chip getting nails done and maybe haircuts too, also a day at the horse racing would be great! I could keep naming more too, but they are 3 I would definitely put to good use. Thank you :blush:

When you need an image for a “new guitar’ pot, this one works quite well! It maybe a niche use for it, but thanks!


I like these! A bills would be great :grin:

I loved @nicdall icons however I notice they were really small in the feed so I created a few of my own


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They look great, Jack!

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Just started using a mix of colours for the images. Love the outcome.


They look fab, I’m glad people are getting use out of them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Love these :slight_smile: Would you be able to do some on a cream (#fffeee) background with black icons?

These are fab though - thanks so much!

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Now that we can have bill pots I had to use this one:


Some of these are amazing. Well done people! :metal:t3:

Worst. Character. Ever.

@ashleymoat did you have any joy with any of these?

@nicdall amazing work on the pot images, I’m rocking the mustard yellow at the moment.

It would be awesome if you could do an image for a dog, I see we have a cat :grin:

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Does anyone have the original piggy bank image monzo used to use?

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Cheers dude

These are amazing, thank you so much! I’d love a gym and a dentist one if you’re revisiting these anytime soon. I’ve got mustard yellow on my own account and the black on the joint account at the moment :slight_smile:

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Just screenshotting the card and adjusting colour works well. Holiday and bills here, also a black version not shown. Good way to keep it unified.

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