Custom Category Creation

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Hi Kyle :wave: and welcome! :slight_smile:
I moved your post here, where many opinions were already exchanged. We also had some feedback from Hugo in this post, it might be worth reading as it outlines potential future development goals for this functionality:

And, if you have any suggestions from your end, feel free to share it with us! :smiley:


I’d really like to be able to distinguish in ‘eating out’ if I’m buying lunch or dinner. This helps me see where my eating out budget is for the month - when do I need to take a packed lunch to work etc. Surely the app could split this into 2 categories based on time of day? I’d really really like to be able to create my own categories. Another catergory for me would be vaping, which currently just doesn’t suit any of the existing ones. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Tobacco: Now a foodstuff…

Only in America…where pizza is found in the vegetable aisle.

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Use two different emoji in the notes section for now?

(Karin Nielsen) #210

Hi Guys,

Upvoting requests for more categories. Would like “Tax” for HMRC, not “Bills”.

Other categories that would be useful at this stage are:

  • Rent

  • Utilities (“Bills” feels too broad)

  • Health

  • Insurance

  • Pet

Perhaps collecting category suggestions in-app would be a super useful way to collect suggestions more efficiently?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #211

Looks as though more categories are in the works :wink:

(Iestyn Lloyd) #212

I’d like a ‘kids’ category so I can keep track of how much I’ve spent on their clothing, activities, school dinners and so on

(Andy) #213

I know this has been talked to death regarding spending categories on the pre paid account but now I’m running Monzo as a current account, I really need a “transfer” or “internal” category for sending money within my own accounts, which may not have made my sense with the pre paid card accounts.

Loved that Monzo alerted me the very second my wages were deposited. It’s such a simple thing but already where Monzo wins over all the other current accounts I’ve had!

(Dominic King) #214

I know that custom categories have been mentioned already but Monzo will normally reply to explain that having custom categories is more effort for the user and the app should be something that once setup does the work for you. I completely agree with this! But if we were allowed custom categories, after we put a transaction into that category once, all other transactions from the same company would automatically go into that category, then we’d have a small amount of setup work to do but after a month or so almost all transactions would be categorised automatically in exactly the way we want.

But thanks for the great work Monzo team! The custom categories and Apple Pay features are the only things stopping me from converting solely to Monzo.

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Please custom categories :grin:

(Will Martin) #216

Yeah personalized categories would be very useful!

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Another request here for custom categories :smiley:

I use YNAB ( religiously to track my spending and now that I have the current account preview it would be amazing to be able to use Monzo for the whole lot and skip that step. The categories are good OK at present but without being able to customise them I think they are very restrictive for all but a very small number of users.

Monzo team, please :+1:

To expand on @DominicKing’s comment, all that has to be done is keep the standard set of auto categories and then allow you add your own. That way it should not be any extra work for users :slight_smile:


I second that. Really could with being able to add own categories like ‘B Bank’ app allows you to

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Personalized categories or perhaps adding personalized sub-categories to the main ones?

(Ed Swift) #220

Adding my voice to back a ‘custom category’ feature. Would be great to differentiate between picking up coffee on the way to work and having a night out at a restaurant/bar. So, in a nutshell, perhaps add a “Coffee” category? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like this?

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One for the FAQ?

blah de blah

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What you mean this one?

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(Sarah M) #224

Yes exactly. Surely the fact that so many people asking, means it will be a worthwhile update!

The ability to add your own would be great as well.

(Sarah M) #225

Would really help with the budgeting! Perhaps, sub headings under “eating out” like “dinner”, “lunch” etc.

Or “beauty”, “clothes” etc in “shopping”