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I’ve just opened my Monzo app for the first time in a few months and upgraded my account. Although I don’t want to make the jump fully, I really do want to use the Monzo upgraded account as a way to become better at saving money, therefore I’ll be using my Monzo card for my monthly spending.
I have a few questions:

Is ‘topping up’ just as easy as it was before? Or would I have to transfer from my other accounts?

As its a current account, does it have any effect on credit bureau/reported on credit file as an application?

Is the overdraft feature out? Can this be turned off?

Thanks in advance for any answers

Monzo only does a ‘soft’ search unless you apply for an overdraft (which is purely opt-in).
It will appear on your report as a current account, but won’t effect your score unless you open several accounts in a short amount of time.
You can still top it up, so you can use it like the prepaid card.


Yes, top-ups are same as in prepaid as of now. See the link below to understand how Monzo might change this in future. You can, of course, transfer from other accounts just like any other bank.

Reducing the cost of debit card top-ups

Check the blog posts;


You’ve got good answers here :+1:

Topping up is just as easy, we have reached out to the community due to the costing of stripe tops. We would prefer transfers into your account as it costs us less. You could even set up a standing order of the money you choose to use for monthly spending :smile:

We do report our current accounts to call credit. Any searches we make are soft searches. This is how mine appears on Noddle:


The overdraft feature is slowly being rolled out. This is an opt-in feature and if we can exclude you from these products if you contact us and request this. We want you in control of your money :dollar:

Let me know if you have any further questions, @Stuielooie!

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