Current account application

I am waiting for you to accept applications to open a current account. Can I be notified when this is possible? I don’t have a prepaid card with you but I’d like to get a current account as soon as it is able to offer BACS payments and Direct Debits.

Monzo Current account already offers these :point_up:

You can join the waiting list at Monzo App, just download and signup.


To clarify it does currently offer the receipt of incoming “BACS Credit” transfers but it does not yet offer outgoing “BACS payments”

This is correct, however it does offer outgoing “Faster Payments” which many people still think of as “BACS payments”. Just clarifying as I assume (possibly incorrectly) that @cpipe wants to make standard bank transfers from Monzo to other accounts, and this is definitely possible. :white_check_mark:

Edit: And standing orders are also possible, though limited in the options for specifying frequency of payment.

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