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(Andy Little) #1

Does the current API work with the current account? If not, is there an idea of when there will be an API for it?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Generally speaking, yes it does, you can even access the new types of payment data through it.

Although there are some limits - the team at Onedox say they can’t yet use it for the integration that they’ve built for the prepaid cards.

@billinghamj has been checking it out thoroughly so perhaps he can share more details :slight_smile:

(James Billingham) #3

It’d be interesting to know why Onedox doesn’t think they can use it - unless it’s just that Monzo has told them not to.

Having briefly looked over their website, it sounds like the API would work even better with the current account for their use case, as you can access direct debit/standing order info, etc.

(Stephen Spencer) #4

I got my current account the other day, and hitting /accounts in the API Playground still returns only one entry for my uk_prepaid account, do I need to do something special or hit another endpoint? Is that screenshot from an exciting Slack I should join?

(Andrew Schofield) #5

You need to GET /accounts?account_type=uk_retail to retrieve your current account id

Account No and Sort Code before activation
(Stephen Spencer) #6

There it is!
Great, is there a place for docs/discussion where I could have found this out without badgering people? And better for further questions?

(Andrew Schofield) #7

The monzo developer slack channel is open for anyone to join: :slight_smile:

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