Add comment / description to joint account internal transfers

(Jack) #1

When transferring money to or from the joint account it would be nice to be able to add a reference like you can on payments to other people.


(Jolin) #2

This :100: times! I’ve actually written a small script to do this, but it’s cumbersome as requires exporting a CSV from Monzo, getting an API key, and running the script on my computer.


(Caroline Beauchamp) #3

You can on Android - it’s annoying, I’m on iOS and my wife is on android and I have to get her to add notes to my transfers :frowning:

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I have added my joint account as a payee to be able to do this - problem solved.


(Alex) #5

It would be nice to be able to add a comment to any transaction - for example I’ve just paid off a small amount of my Amex balance from my joint account with my wife, I would like to add a comment to say that the payment was to cover the cutlery that she bought in John Lewis yesterday so that she can easily see what the payment was for, as opposed to just being a transfer to Amex.


(Thomas Allan) #6

Not sure if I’m missing something but if you click on the transaction on the feed, you can add notes or #tags to any transaction. Cant you?


(Ned) #7

If you make a transfer from your personal to your joint account, or vice-versa, it’s not possible to add a note to the transfer on iOS. Transfers seem to be treated differently from transactions when it comes to adding notes.

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(Alex) #8

If the feature exists I can’t see where it is…


(Thomas Allan) #9

Thats weird. I’m on android so it must be different.
On android you can add a note or #tag to any transactions, bank transfer (inbound or outbound) and to any standing orders or direct debits. Sorry!



Android can add notes, but don’t have the original reference saved. iOS have a separate section with the original reference saved, but can’t add notes.

You can vote for the ability to have notes and a separate section containing the original reference here:



Looks like you can add references to transfers between Monzo accounts on the iOS Monzo app in version 2.42.0:

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(Jolin) #12

Don’t understand why they didn’t add the ability to add notes to incoming payments at the same time. :cry:

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