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Unless they decide that based on the testbed, thereโ€™s no return on investment, so they pull the plug on the idea.

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Revolut #1 :star_struck:

Can you send crypto bought with them to another exchange? :rofl:

Is this intended sarcasm?

Yes - simple for some like BTC, through DriveWealth transfer form for others.

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Dunno if this is the right place, but I think it is

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The whole thing is wild.

  • The strength of his Dunning-Kruger effect.
  • That he thought he could manipulate his way through crisis.
  • That he thought he could bluff his way through the legal system.
  • That there was a right-wing conspiracy theory that he would get off scott free because he donated to the Democrat party.
  • That the right-wing conspiracy theory has updated itself to โ€œWell, he lost, but heโ€™s not actually going to serve any time/Biden will pardon him/some other crackers ideaโ€

Not forgetting:

  • That anyone out there could still think thereโ€™s any credibility in crypto.


This is a bit of a reductive conclusion by itself


Sometimes crypto investments can dissapoint

But sometimes, it can be very beneficial :star_struck:


Some crypto gains are really very impressive :star_struck:


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