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I would argue it is apples to oranges as Tether and Luna fundamentally operated with different mechanisms and risk profiles. One was algorithmic and relied on arbitrage to maintain the peg and the other wasn’t. One has years of stress testing, the other hasn’t. We can agree to disagree though.

How did you get the yellow app icon in your profile photo?

That’s the investor app icon, I believe.



Already answered above thanks, it’s custom app icon in settings.

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Celsius has filed for bankruptcy (chapter 11)

Bankruptcy details at the link below

FT link should let you read it without having to subscribe, it didn’t pop up anything over the top of the article whilst I was reading it


I managed to get my hands on some decentralized crypto

Do i hold it and hope it rocket back to what it was months ago or buy something like amazon vouchers with it since i cant withdraw it.

Why can’t you withdraw it?

That’s rather a red flag.

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It depends how much you have - if you have thousands then I would withdraw but if it’s only like £40 you might aswell keep it incase it does.

I’ve never invested in crypto, however in my opinion ones like LTC will go back up as looking at the charts it was £346 a few months ago but only £40 now.

Its decentralized funds that look to be linked to a tornado along with me not having anywhere to sell it on plus the risk of my Monzo being closed as i have no proof where it came from.

around 200quid

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Its decentralized funds that look to be linked to a tornado

How did this happen? Not financial advice but “linked to a Tornado” normally implies “I was involved in scamming people and committing fraud” :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know what “linked to a tornado” means. But if its tied up in a way that makes you think you can’t withdraw (convert to cash), what makes you think you can use the crypto to purchase amazon vouchers?

No one really knows whether any crypto will go back up or not. Any chance of it doing so will already be priced in, along with any chance of it going down much further.

If there was someone here that could predict the crypto markets they’d be a multimillionaire by now at least.


Oh no, don’t bother with that. Predicting is so fiat. Just create your own token and scam people into staking their life savings, then walk off with the cash. Cryptoqueen style. Done.


Its where funds get divided up and sent to multiple wallets then divided up again and sent to more and its repeated hundreds of times effectively confusing its original source then at the end its all joint up in a goal wallet

Websites like coin gate take any crypto all you do is send X amount to X wallet and the second theirs 6 confirmations you get your voucher code.

because i don’t have coin base and cant give my ID to sign up