CryptoCurrency buy and sell

(Khurram Khan) #1

Hi i have aome future ideas

  1. I think Monzo should offer vip airport service etc. to top members
  2. offer Cryptocurrency buy or sell or even a setaside pot facility - Game changer
  3. offer mobile insurance etc.

Any suggestions & keep up the good work.


(Gareth) #2
  1. Monzo currently don’t have plans to offer tiered services. There’s already a lot of competitors offering Airport Lounge service, how would Monzo sway people who get that perk anyway (say with a credit card)?
  2. This has been discussed on another thread, it’s not their MO
  3. The eventual marketplace will probably include mobile insurance along with other insurances

(Mark Edmonds) #3

A VIP airport service? I’m pretty sure this is what private banks offer for the elite among us.
Completely the wrong place here!


Revolut can offer you that, except the airport lounge that’s in the pipeline for their premium offer.