/ MCO

Just came across via an Instagram ad as I’ve been looking into airport lounge memberships.

Anybody know much about their card offerings?

They seem to have some good perks and they say no fees in the video!

I don’t fully understand it, but the cheapest airport lounge card seems to require staking (buying and holding), 500 MCO ($1500 worth), which you can’t spend for a certain period of time.

I too have looked at this before, but I don’t really get what they’re offering. They are advertising pretty heavily atm.

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The whole offering is a mess. The cards aren’t available in the UK yet anyway.

Their product basically seems to involve taking deposits (locked stakes in MCO) and lending them out for a profit.

The app and website are a total mess though, so very hard to get an overview.

Enough to set alarm bells ringing for me