Crypto Business Bank accounts

Can we please have access to business banking for those that operate legitimately within the crypto business world.

Genuine question

Please enlighten me as to what a legitimate crypto business is. What do you sell? Where does the margin come from?

Monzo is not alone amongst banks in being very leery about crypto currencies, so I cannot see this happening any time soon

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A legitimate crypto business is one that registers with the tax authorities, registers the Co as a legal entity and conforms to the regulation. We sell crypto currency. Our margin is x but enough for us to make a business from it. ROI is 4 months.

Banks already accept crypto accounts. Barclays has Coinbase and Revolut actually allows you to buy crypto.

Yeah, cannot see them touching that, however legit your own personal business is

Would not be mega surprised if Revolut back away from it when they (presumably eventually) become a UK bank