Crunch Accounting integration

I’m a contractor, and use Crunch (online accounting SaaS) to manage the accounts for my limited company.

Longer term it’d be ace if there was a full integration between Mondo and Crunch (Crunch already offers this for some UK bank accounts). But it also offers the option to reconcile the expenses I log in Crunch with my bank statement (eg by uploading a CSV and matching the entries). Is this something Mondo could offer in the medium term?


Exporting is on it’s way soon :slight_smile: Exporting

Also Mondo have a developer API which Crunch could use to automatically import your data

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+1 for Crunch integration. We use them too and they seem to have a similar mindset to Mondo.

Crunch offers a service called Bank Bolt, which syncs your bank statement with Crunch and is already working with Natwest, HSBC, etc.

Seems like that would be a good first step?

Hi guys,

Myself and my team are working on iOS app which does exactly that - Mozno to Crunch expense conversion. If you want to trial it drop me a line.


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Hi guys, we are planning on beta testing our app before/around Xmas. If you’d like to help us testing it please drop me a note,