Crowdfunding (Upcoming 2018/19 Round) - Updates


We will have news soon according to FT.

Monzo poised to join ranks of Europe’s fintech ‘unicorns’

UK digital bank lines up $150m fundraising as it eyes $1.5bn valuation



I am looking forward for a new crowdfunding campaing after this recent move. For those like me who have missed the opportunity to become Monzo shareholders. Please Tom, give us good news soon!


Monzo: gonzo banking

Investors should remember that the UK start-up’s customers are young and stretched

In addition, Crunchbase is reporting an undisclosed amount of funds raised:

Thought it could be because it hasn’t materialized just yet as it cites:

(Ahmet Tat) #169

Let’s say there is a crowdfunding round. Will we be allowed to buy the shares ? Or are there specific conditions to do so What price will it be ? Do you have any information about that ?

I’m kind of a newbie, thank you all !

(4 Round Investor) #170

The only restrictions I’m aware of is the eu cap on raising funds let’s speculate Monzo want to raise £20m from the crowd I believe this would require a prospectus 8m Euro cap

Then it’s down to who would run the campaign whether it can be run internally, there was a job advert a goodbye months ago referencing crowd funding


£20 million reserve for crowdfunding. I think crowdcube limit was £8 million?

Tom in the Sunday Times! (16/09/18)
(Excited about Christmas) #172

Crowdcube don’t have a limit, but over €8m, the EU requires a formal prospectus, that’s all.


It would be nice if there was an opportunity to sell shares to monzo during the crowdfunding similarly to what revolut offered.


I believe some people have just sold on here. You need monzo approval and you need to use crowdcude as a broker


Agreed, recycle shares where people want to sell, reduces dilution.

(Ahmet Tat) #176

Where can you buy/sell shares right now ? Is it available yet ?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #177

except Monzo is trying to raise money to continue improving their cash hungry project , not buy existing shareholders stakes to consolidate with cash thats sitting in their account :slight_smile:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #178

You can sell shares acquired in the previous funding rounds (if you have them ) through crowd cube under certain circumstances to anybody willing to buy them , the next opportunity to buy shares will be in the next crowdfunding round - which hasn’t been officially announced yet :slight_smile:

(Ahmet Tat) #181

How much time did this crowdfunding round last ?
I feel like there was an announcement a couple days ago and now the round is over :sweat_smile:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #182

it’s not taken place yet - :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: there has been no official announcement from Monzo of a new crowd funding round taking place yet - I think you are confusing previous crowd cube funding rounds which are over



I’m interested in buying monzo shares - open to buying the whole allocation. Please message me if you are interested in selling.


(Dan) #184

(Excited about Christmas) #185

Mine are all available at £50 each.

(James T) #186

50 a share?:joy::joy: